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Posted by Wanda J. Hall on 3/26/2018

You may have been thinking that youíd like to sell your home. You probably want to sell it at the right time and you want to go about it for the right reasons. Thereís so many different that you may want to sell your home that you probably havenít even thought of. 

Thereís Not Many Homes To Choose From

If thereís a lack of inventory on the housing market, itís a great time to put your home up for sale. Certain times of the year have lower inventory than others, so you may want to consider the fall and winter as a prime time to sell. If you know your home is in a great location, or has little work to be done in it, youíre probably going to want to sell sooner rather than later if you have been contemplating the idea in a low inventory market. 

Remember That Spring Starts Early

Especially in warmer climates, ďspringĒ is a relative term and can start as early as January. People will start their searches online early in the year and the demand for homes only becomes more crucial as the year goes on. The earlier the listing, the better chance the home has to stand out on the market, even if it doesnít sell right away. In fast moving real estate markets, it may not matter what time of year you sell your home. If the demand is there, you have a great chance to sell the home.

Price Matters

The lower the price point on a home, the faster it will generally move off the market. First-time homebuyers want homes and they want them fast. when your home is priced lower, itís probably going to move a bit faster no matter when or where youíre selling it. Buyers are always looking for a good deal. 

Interest Rates Affect Home Sales

If thereís rumors that interest rates will rise in the coming months, buyers will be on the hunt for a home. Thatís when itís a good time for you as a buyer to put your home on the market. When buying power for those searching is high, youíre better off selling because youíll get a lot of interest. Your home will leave the market much faster as well. 

The Decisions Is Yours

Selling your home is not a small decision. Youíll need to find another place to relocate to. Your kids may have to switch schools, and your lives can be a bit disrupted in the process of moving. If you think the time is right to move, you can keep the above suggestions in mind in order to make the entire process a bit more seamless for you.

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